It’s no secret that healthcare organizations deal with massive amounts of data from their patients and facilities daily. According to Statista, there is an explosive growth rate in the amount of global healthcare data from about 153 exabytes in 2013 to over 2,300 exabytes and growing in 2020. With global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve come to realize how important efficient data management and timely data analysis are on every level from a single patient to the entire world.

Today I’m talking about Python, why healthtech companies love it, and the undisputed potential of the increasingly popular programming…

Aside from vendor fees or in-house specialist salaries, the cost of software quality is all your expenses on ensuring the quality of your software products. Understanding what these costs are will help you budget for them properly.

Let’s take a look at the different types of QA costs.

Types of QA Costs

The main software QA costs include prevention costs, detection costs, internal failure costs, and external failure costs.

  • Prevention Costs. These are the investments an organization makes to prevent quality problems. Prevention costs include training developers, error proofing, root cause analysis, and improvement initiatives.
  • Detection Costs. These are the costs of the software…

Despite some common beliefs, having a simple Sketch library or style guide is not nearly enough to design a recognizable user interface with consistent user experience. From our 20 years of operating as a software development company that provides extensive UI/UX design services, we know that good software design comes from exhaustive research, thorough planning, and clear communication in both setting your expectations and managing completed work.

When you scratch beneath the surface, you realize that UI/UX design is a very intricate field that requires a deep understanding of how to anticipate user needs and preferences. It required experience and…

It might not seem obvious from the outside, but it’s impossible to just go and create a flawless app or website. Bugs and errors are always there until you detect and fix them, and this doesn’t mean your developers’ work is bad.

Which, in turn, saves you time, increases the quality of your product, and helps you increase your customers’ satisfaction.

What Are the Main Requirements for Web and App Usability?

There’s a standard list of requirements that fits most of the apps and if they are met, chances are high that your app or website will have a good usability score. …

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In 2020, digital transformation is no longer a thing of the future. Fueled by the ever-growing world of technology and the changing customer expectations, this inevitable evolutionary process has become the norm for organizations worldwide. In addition to the considerable increase in operational efficiency, reduced product development costs, and improved quality of products/services, digital transformation enables organizations to effectively prepare for the numerous current and future challenges the world throws at us. …

Many software development projects fail because they run out of budget. There can be hundreds of reasons why, such as poor research and planning that lead to unclear business requirements, or the lack of proper communication. It is very common that companies cannot adequately evaluate the risks their project could face at each stage of software development, and calculate their budget expenses accordingly.

Let’s talk about what you can do to reduce software development cost while keeping the desired quality intact.

Lay out the relevant business requirements

“Data indicate that 60–80% of the cost of software development is in rework,” according to the Carnegie Mellon Software…

Software development can be tricky. Whether your goal is to build commercial off-the-shelf software or a custom software solution, it can become a huge challenge and quite an expensive one if you are not sure how to do it right.

In this post, we want to highlight some thoughts on how to approach the development stage in order to significantly reduce software development cost without compromising the quality of your future product.

Choose the right pricing & business model

Approach your budget planning with a holistic view to complexity and costs of building your software, and decide on the business model that would suit your goals best…

Over 1.8 billion people buy goods online, and each year sales continue to grow. According to Internet Retailer research, consumers spent around 3.46 trillion dollars online in 2019, compared to 2.93 trillion in the year before. Shopify’s data shows that 28% of buyers shop online a few times a month, while 15% of consumers purchase on the internet weekly. In order to meet that demand, more and more businesses launch their online shops. But how to build a successful one that will generate many sales?

How to launch a digital storefront the right way

The rapid development of technology and ferocious competition in online trading resulted in high customers’…

The end of 2020 is approaching! This means it’s time to analyze what has happened to the world of technology during the last twelve months and define the things (technologies, activities, strategies, and so on) to focus on in 2021. In today’s post, we’re listing down the top-5 technology trends we believe will rise in the upcoming year. Anyone working closely with technology and/or especially investing in it should pay extra attention to such forecasts if wanted to assure continuously high ROI and successful releases.

Trend #1: Remote Everything

Talking about the technology trends of 2021 is impossible without addressing the elephant in the…

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