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What Is A CRM System In Healthcare?

A healthcare CRM is a powerful analytics tool that aggregates different kinds of patient information (demographics, financial, health-related, behavioral, social, and other relevant data) and uses it to improve hospital and patient care management. It serves as an effective technological and strategic advancement tool with extensive capabilities health facilities can use to identify new care opportunities, build proper strategies, and minimize medical errors and risks related to incorrect data maintenance. A healthcare CRM offers comprehensive visibility into how to better facilitate communication and interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

Must-have Features of Good Healthcare CRM Software

Today there are numerous off-the-shelf and custom healthcare CRM solutions on the market. Each comes with a comprehensive set of features from automated data backups to appointment management to staff performance tracking. And while the various systems may have hundreds of different features depending on the specialization of a health facility they were built for, all this functionality can be conveniently grouped into categories of essential components a good CRM must have to cover today’s patient care needs. When building your own healthcare CRM solution or choosing a ready-made one, make sure it features the following:

Benefits of CRM Application in Healthcare

With all things digital and customer-focused approaches in practically every industry, healthcare providers have to live up to the expectations of today’s digitally aware patients who look for high-quality customer service and better communication efforts. Here are some of the main opportunities a good healthcare CRM system offers for the improvement of patient care practices and management of internal processes.

  • discounts on relevant medical treatments
  • appointment and medication reminders
  • newsletters with personalized health tips

Best ready-made healthcare CRM solutions

Salesforce Health Cloud
The most popular solution in the healthcare CRM industry made by one of the biggest cloud-based software providers out there. Features a native mobile application, real-time messaging, and a patient portal with several associated apps.



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