Why Golang is the future? Part 1

  • It is convenient, fast, and secure to write code with Golang, and it provides cross-platform support, which simply can’t be bad.
  • Google cares about the user. They created tons of free official guides and made Golang open-source, so that now there’s a huge collection of add-ons and packages.
  • Golang has cloud infrastructure. Now you say “Come on, enough talking about clouds, nobody cares”, and I’ll answer “Yes, nobody cares because you’ve got used to this luxury!”. Go is a part of Google Cloud, Dropbox, MS Azure, and AWS. All-in-one super-capable multi-purpose coding monster. Isn’t it fantastic?
  • Google has money. It doesn’t mean you’ll earn money from Google by using Golang, but it does mean this technology has a regular financing and improvement.

Let’s talk history

Let’s talk processors and memories

Let’s talk purpose

Let’s talk areas



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Sandra Parker

Sandra Parker

Head Of Business Development at QArea. I’m passionate about new technologies and how digital changes the way we do business.